Saturday, January 25, 2014

26 January 2014 - Yandina Caravan Park, Yandina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Happy Aussie Day! That’s what a sign outside a shop in Caboolture said last week. When I suggested that I should greet my husband on waking with that, he said that was too stupid, however given that the cheapie shops are full of flag themed undies, bras, hats and all manner of items you might be able to attach to either your body or your car, it would not surprise me that it was de rigeur in some patriotic bedrooms about the country this morning.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, the official forecast suggests occasional showers and that is what we had yesterday, or at least, the skies spent yesterday trying to rain, a few spits here and there, with little more until last night when there was success. Last night brought real rain; how lovely is the sound of the rain on the roof when one is tucked up safe from floods, in the middle of bird-filled bushy gardens. The amenities block is home to dozens of geckos as they so often are; the night before I spied a small domestic cat attempting to catch some of these agile critters in the neglected playground. Despite the fact that little has been done to improve this caravan park since we last stayed, it has a charm here beside the South Maroochy River.

The camp is full, visitors flowing in and out, and here on our site we have been busy spring clearing; yes, clearing not cleaning yet. I am sure we have removed at least one tonne of “stuff” out of the caravan, some into the back of the landcruiser for transport to the Op Shop in Nambour; we did the first of several drop offs yesterday morning. The reduction of the caravan’s weight has been mainly due to the precious paper souvenirs, maps, booklets and books, maps, fact sheets, maps, bird leaflets, maps, discarded with great reluctance.

Jess turned up yesterday morning with a bundle of cash in hand, representing a rather paltry but well-meant deposit for the purchase of the caravan. She brought along yet another relative to see what “Mum” and “Dad” were buying, this time Auntie Donna. “Auntie” who is not the partner of the “Uncle” we met on the initial viewing, also has caravanning experience and they all reckon they will have “Mum” and “Dad” sorted out without our instruction. In theory final payment will arrive on Tuesday but we will not hand the caravan over for at least another week. These folk are most trusting, non-business like, and dismissive of the formal agreement we had drafted out in preparation for yesterday’s visit; Auntie told Jess the van looked brand new and everyone is happy to deal with us, who, in theory, could scarper with the money and the caravan. However while we have booked to fly Emirates who allow a greater luggage weight, a two and a half tonne caravan might be rather excessive! And of course, we would have all of you to answer to.

Yesterday morning Chris asked if I had heard the gunshots during the night; I had not, but it did remind us that Yandina has been in the news recently concerning types who might try a pot shot or two on their enemies if they had a mind to. I have already mentioned the legislative change to sweep up the bikie riff-raff and how it has not gone down well with law abiding citizens who like to ride motorbikes. Well, it was here at the local pub that the Yandina Five gathered to pass the time of day; two were members of the Rebels gang and the other three, sundry associates. One of the latter was simply delivering a pizza to his mates who happened to be together in public, so he said, and there were great public cries from his wife who lamented her husband could not share the joys of Christmas with his young family while he whiled away his days in jail. Family snaps suggested the perfect family, not unlike any of ours, but when the truth came out, he had a list of crimes, drug related and the like, to keep him locked up for life. It seems that this new law, when used with discretion, is indeed netting the targeted fish. Anyway, that is Yandina’s latest claim to fame and it’s where we too are hanging about.

Today we have seen the end of the Santos Tour DownUnder, the last of the Aussie-Pommie cricket is being played out, dozens of well-deserving folk have been awarded Australia Day gongs, not least the latest Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, the women’s Australian Open has been won by the first Chinese, Li Na and tonight, we will no doubt see Raphael Nadal twitch and twirl and win his way through to yet another Grand Slam title. And then it will be over, for sport at last, and life in our little world will return to normal, or at least as much as it can in this crazy whirl of The Leaving.

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